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Ministries to politicians, companies to experts

The Italian Motherland history provides us with countless disasters made by so-called

"Deo gratias", we have finally set aside the absurd idea that a doctor should go to the Ministry of Health, a soldier to the Ministry of Defence, a civil engineer to Public Works or an airline pilot to Transport.

The Italian homeland history provides us with countless disasters made by so-called "technical governments" where this definition masked the anti-democratic attempt to accredit executives not voted by the voters, but deriving from the prorogatio of past electoral results that no longer reflected the country's majorities, and they then obeyed successive reshuffles decided in the political cliques. Quite different must be the case of the country's operational structures, those that move the national economy where specific competence and not belonging to a political creed must be rewarded. We no longer want to see a railway expert or a banker precipitated "ex-abruptly" into the exclusive world of aerospace and defence, where both the lexicon and the same posture are shared by the top levels of the large international corporations. Penalty, the lack of dialogue, the non-recognition of belonging to a club and therefore the difficulty of establishing a constructive dialogue. And this applies not only, of course, to middle and upper management, but also to those who, in absolutely top positions, must carry out functions of coordination and setting of industrial policies which, in a long-term perspective, will condition the developments of the reference technologies.

Leaving aside the specific case, the same reasoning applies to other national strategic assets, whether in the fields of energy, telecommunications or steel.

Politics for politicians, businesses for specialists.

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