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"Euronaval 2022". Fincantieri NexTech presents its latest innovations

Also on view is SAND, an Unmanned Naval Surface System (Surface Advanced Naval Drone)

Fincantieri NexTech, a Fincantieri company, is showcasing its latest technologies developed in the Maritime & Defense sector at Euronaval (October 18-21 in Paris), the most relevant international meeting in the naval field. 

Among the prominent solutions visible at the stand, its OMEGA360 radar is one of the most innovative systems for detecting, classifying and identifying airborne and surface threats with reduced radar signature, such as nano, mini and micro-drones (single or swarm), sea-skimmer missiles, fast boats and submarine periscopes. 

OMEGA360 is a 4D fully digital X-band radar for discovering, tracking and classifying the most challenging tracks in both conventional and asymmetrical warfare and public safety scenarios. Also on view is SAND, an Unmanned Naval Surface System (Surface Advanced Naval Drone) which represents Fincantieri NexTech’s state of the art in robotic search and rescue, environmental monitoring, hydrographic activities, emergency transport and maritime safety. SAND is equipped with a mission suite for autonomous use and remote management that includes systems for navigation. 

The company is also exhibiting its integrated cockpit that can manage both a boat’s tactical scenario and its platform control. The proposed solution offers a modular and scalable integrated architecture consisting of five main subsystems: information presentation and interfacing, navigation, automation, communications and mission. This provides an "all inclusive" solution developed to meet the operational needs of Navies and Coast Guards around the world that today require integration of the conducting system and tactical management of naval missions for units operating in low intensity warfare scenarios. 

In the field of Integrated Product Support, the Maintenance Management System module will debut within the SIMPLICIO Suite, the software already known for the integrated management of LSA, technical publications, maintenance plan, provisioning and training courses. 

The simulation sector is represented by the family of MANTA Systems (Multipurpose Advanced Naval Training Architecture) for training on-board operators, who can also count on virtual reality for increased training effectiveness.

 At "Euronaval" you can experience company's range of Serious Games, a virtual environment for training participants in the use specific procedures: the system, inheriting the most modern video game technologies, uses dynamic, interactive, multi-user and multimedia tools to facilitate learning during training. 

Shipview is another advanced tool for operator training and crew familiarization. It offers immersive virtual navigation on board the boat, as well as an interactive training experience. 

To complete the training offer, there will be the Web Based Training, customized to specific training needs, made with the most modern multimedia and interaction techniques, usable through Learning Management System platforms and with the certification of the objectives achievement. 

In systems engineering, Fincantieri NexTech has developed a core of high-quality solutions for naval, air and land use, which in addition to those for unmanned systems, also includes gyrostabilized optronic systems for surveillance and shooting direction. Fincantieri NexTech will be presenting its product families of optronic turrets Seasar Mk2, GAME (Gyrostabilized Avionic Multisensor Equipment) and its LAOS-3 / HP system. 

At the event, the company will exhibit its offer for the Satellite Communications sector, showing the innovative 1.78 m satellite antenna, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 certified, capable of working simultaneously in two different frequency bands, Ka and X, without the need for an electronic or manual switch. The system, capable of simultaneously connecting to satellite transponders in the two bands, is able to guarantee a wide geographical coverage with a stable, reliable and fast connection. 

Finally, the company will be presenting a platform designed to handle cyber attacks targeting the ship digital infrastructure and successfully recover from them. 

The solution monitors ship systems, intercepting suspicious behavior. Thanks to system-tailored playbooks, this innovative onboard SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) can define the best corrective actions needed to stop malicious activities, which can be executed automatically or through a guided procedure for crew operators. 

Come and visit us at the Fincantieri stand (Hall 2A Booth J145/L144) and immerge yourself in its innovative systems.

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