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Inflation drives up air travel prices

Why summer 2022 fares in the US are higher than in 2019

Inflation is driving up air travel prices. This is what we see in the United States, as everywhere else in the world: from oil to eggs, from gas to fuel, everything is more expensive. This is also true in the airline industry where extra costs on luggage have reached a record high: 5.76 billion dollars in 2019, a dozen times more than in 2008. The record was just broken in Summer 2022. 

Unlike in other commercial products, the increases in aviation are "hidden". In fact, if we read data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, we discover that average price of an airline ticket on a domestic route in October-December 2011 was 368 dollars, while in the same period in 2021 it dropped to 327 dollars.

The figure, however, takes into consideration the basic price of airfare, without considering other expenses: luggage, airport taxes, ancillary services. Over the past decade it is precisely the extra fees that have steadily increased. Prices continue to rise: in summer 2022, fares are 34 percent higher than in summer 2019. Particularly driving up prices are the extras on baggage. Air carriers explain in unison that this way they partially recover high fuel costs. 

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