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The international debut of the B-737 MAX 10 aircraft

On the occasion of the "Farnborough Airshow" (July 18-22, 2022)

US Aviation Group Boeing will fly its B-737 MAX 10 aircraft for the first time in front of an international audience at the "Farnborough International Airshow". The aerospace show will be held next week at the airport in the British city of the same name from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22, 2022. The aircraft is expected to perform an exhibition in the skies paired with a B-777/900.

"We are excited to reconnect with our Farnborough colleagues as we jointly address the need for a more sustainable future and take concrete steps to enable innovation and clean technology. We look forward to sharing the progress we are making", said Boeing International President Michael Arthur.

This is an opportunity for Boeing to relaunch its project, whose development is in danger of being blocked by the US Congress for reasons related to updated safety regulations. The event will also be a time to showcase the US Group's jewels, following a slowdown in aircraft sales and the gradual rise of European rival Airbus on the Asian continent.

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