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Ukrainian war: Kiev asks for more weapons

Zelensky: "Donbass key to determining who will prevail in coming weeks"

Russian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Western countries to provide more armaments to bolster Ukraine's artillery. Kiev's goal is to prevent Moscow from stabilizing its strong position in the occupied territories in the next two weeks, closing the game in the Donbass regions and southern Ukraine.

"Ukraine needs modern anti-missile weapons. Our country still does not have enough of them. The delay in their supply cannot be justified. Russia still has several types of Soviet missiles, which are even more dangerous", said the Ukrainian president, who to this end will have talks this week "with European and non-European politicians".

Meanwhile, in the past few hours Zelensky and his adviser Mykhaylo Podoliak released the list of armaments needed by the Ukrainian resistance: 300 US Multiple Long Launch Rocket System (Mlrs) launchers to block the Russian advance in the Donbass, 1,000 155 mm caliber Howitzers, 500 tanks, 2,000 armored vehicles, and 1,000 drones. 

Zelensky said: "The fiercest fighting is in Sevierdonetsk and in all nearby towns and communities. The losses, unfortunately, are painful but we must resist. This is about our state. It is crucial to resist there, in the Donbass. The more losses the enemy suffers there, the less power they will have to continue the aggression. Therefore, the Donbass is the key to determining who will prevail in the coming weeks. We also have painful losses in the Kharkiv region, where the Russian army is trying to strengthen its positions. The battles in that area continue".

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