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Ukrainian conflict: the death toll and injuries

The updated bulletins of Moscow and Kiev on neutralized means and men

According to the daily bulletin issued by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces there have been at least 24,700 casualties in the Russian army since the day of the attack (February 24). Considering the civilians, instead, the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations informs that the victims are 3280 and 3451 the wounded. Finally, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General said that in 72 days of war 223 children have been killed and 408 minors wounded. 

"During this war the Russian army launched 2014 missiles over Ukraine and 2682 sorties of Russian warplanes were recorded in our skies. Each of these sorties is the death of our people, the destruction of our infrastructure", said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, quoted by the "Ukrinform" news agency. 

According to Kiev to date have been neutralized about 1092 Russian tanks, 2651 armored vehicles, 499 artillery systems, 83 anti-aircraft defense systems, 196 aircraft, 155 helicopters, 1907 vehicles, 10 naval units and 312 drones. For its part Moscow issues a bulletin on the losses inflicted on the Ukrainians: 149 aircraft and 112 helicopters, 729 drones, 288 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2846 tanks and armored vehicles, 1323 artillery systems and mortars. 

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