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Russian luxury aircraft under Western sanctions

From Moscow aircrafts for sale, western manufacturers and maintainers scrutinize market

Private and luxury aircrafts attributable to Russian owners are under the under investigation worldwide. The reason is to be found in the economic sanctions imposed by Western governments against the Kremlin, after Moscow's military invasion of Ukraine. Suffice it to say that, to avoid seizure, a wave of aircraft traceable to Russian owners ended up on the second-hand market. 

The private jet industry is on high alert because it has to avoid doing business with Moscow. However, tracing the owners is a long and complicated process: in fact, about 95% of Russian business aircraft are registered in foreign states and ownership is camouflaged behind Chinese corporate boxes, front men and trusts. 

Aircraft manufacturers are concerned. Among them are Canada's Bombardier and General Dynamics' Gulfstream, among the most highly regarded manufacturers beyond the Ural Mountains. These companies are engaged in constant scrutiny to make sure components shipped to repair centers don't inadvertently end up in sanctioned jets. Germany's Lufthansa Technik has even set up a special task force to approve exports. 

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