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Ukraine war: a voice from Kharkiv

Correspondence from a devastated city, which does not fold

We receive and publish correspondence from Kharkiv, a city in eastern Ukraine, devastated by Russian bombing. It is from there that a voice comes to this agency that wants to tell what is happening. A voice that in a calm tone feels the obligation to bear witness to the horror of these terrible events, all their significance, but also to the fierce opposition of ordinary citizens as our contact, whom we will call Julia for security reasons. It is not the report of a journalist from the front, but we at AVIONEWS also want to echo this voice, aware that her testimony to us is for Julia her Molotov bomb, the keyboard her machine gun: the only means she has to defend her country ...

So, today, from Kharkiv:

"Military operations on the territory of Ukraine changed the lives of Ukrainians once and forever. Many residents have become hostages of their hometowns, that currently appear being occupied cities. In some, a humanitarian catastrophe has begun. Volunteers and vehicles with humanitarian aid just cannot enter the cities. People suffer from a lack of heat, water, and light. The government is doing everything possible to stop this war as soon as possible.

We write from Kharkiv. It is a large and beautiful city, with the largest square in Ukraine. This square of freedom, by the way, no longer exists. The office of our company TheRoom, which is engaged in UI / UX design, was located in the very center of our city. Nothing is left of it either because our city is bombed regularly. And we know what shells, rockets, and tanks look like not only from pictures in history books, but we see them outside our window.

But our planning studio continues to work. Almost all employees managed to evacuate. We have occupied our front in this war and are actively fighting on it and trying to support the country's economy as much as possible, so we work, pay taxes and send donations. We also use the information front. It's just as significant at a time like this. Ukrainian business is trying to adapt to wartime conditions. Many local companies that work offline, if possible, work for the good of the country. Restaurants prepare for the army and civilians, clothing stores provide the country with the necessary warm clothing, clothing factories, and even the most famous Ukrainian brands are engaged in sewing ammunition for our soldiers.

IT business creates charitable projects and useful applications. At the same time continues to function almost as before. Our government calls for maintaining the working condition of business in Ukraine to prevent a national economic catastrophe. We citizens are fully agree with this and, by our example, want to convey the importance and necessity of supporting the economy.

It hurts us to look at the destroyed cities, the deliberate shelling of residential areas, the death of civilians. But Ukraine is stronger than ever. The people have united against a common enemy. We believe that this path will lead the country to victory".

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