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The US will sell 12 helicopters to Australia

The MH-60R, a combat model. Value: EUR 851m

The US Department of State has approved the sale of 12 MH-60R maritime combat helicopters, built by the US Sikorsky, to Australia. The aircraft will enter service with the Royal Australian Navy. The agreement worthEUR 851 million and includes related services such as testing tools, support for vessels and staff training.

The MH-60 "Romeo" helicopter is a multi-role aircraft specialized in anti-submarine and surface warfare, but it is also capable of carrying out search and rescue missions. It can be take of from various units: amphibious ships, frigates, cruisers, aircraft carriers. This type of aircraft made its first flight in 1999. It has dual-control avionics, AN/AAR-47 missile detection sensors, dual multimode radar built by Telephonics, a magnetic anomaly detector and it can be equipped with the new air-torpedoes Mk-54 and with Hellfire missiles.

The new MH-60Rs are used by the national navies of the United States and Saudi Arabia, but orders have also been received from South Korea, Greece and India. These types of aircraft will replace the six multi-role MRH-90 helicopters, built by the Italian-French-German-Dutch consortium NHIndustries, currently in service in Australia.

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