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Planes and carriers. Iberia relies on auction to sell long-haul tickets

Trend has been growing since the pandemic broke out

A particular trend that is increasingly gaining the upper hand. The air carrier Iberia is increasingly relying on the sale of tickets for its scheduled flights through auction. The Spanish media have begun to investigate the issue in the last few hours, recalling how the company of the IAG Group (International Airlines Group) can count on an ad hoc website for such operations and subsequent distribution. The strategy has a very specific intent, particularly in these times of the coronavirus pandemic. Iberia wants to increase the occupancy rate of its aircraft at all costs, a necessity that refers to long-haul air routes. Auctions take place daily, with the sale of the most diverse connections, with the most distant destinations representing the main choice of the Spanish airline. Furthermore, the initial ticket fee is lower than those that are usually requested. Whoever makes the offer, then, has 48 hours to register and formalize everything. The progress of the auction can be checked in real time, as well as the time remaining before its conclusion. Typical user behavior is to wait until the last minute for an offer with a higher chance of success. Meanwhile, the Iberian carrier will have to wait until the end of the year before knowing the outcome of the negotiations for the acquisition of Air Europa, after the request for extra time by the IAG to the EU Commission (the operation is not yet completely convincing Community authorities).

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