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AVIONEWS interviews Saverio Urso, head of the first Police Flight Department

Focus on the activities carried out and the use of aircraft - VIDEO

AVIONEWS interviewed Saverio Urso, director of the first flight department of the Police in Pratica di Mare (province of Rome). He deepened the various aspects concerning the Department to which he belongs, from the tasks performed to staff training, with a series of interesting focuses on the various aicraft used. Urso talked also about the contribution made in the context of public aid and prevention in general. Here are the questions he answered:

What is the mission of this flight department?

Going into more detail in the operations of the department, which electronic devices are used on board your helicopters for the management of public order?

In this context, you also carry out environmental protection checks. Can you tell us more about it?

In addition to traffic offenses, you deal with those committed by helicopters, ultralights and small planes.

Let's talk about prevention and public aid: what does it have to tell us about it?

How does the selection and training take place in the various disciplines that make up the department?

Unlike helicopters, what kind of use do fixed-wing vehicles find in your department?

How is the flight crew of your aircraft composed?

Below, the video of the interview:

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