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Boeing renegotiates contract for Air Force One supply

There will probably be a one year delay

Boeing contacted US Government directly for a new negotiation of the contract relating to the two presidential planes, Air Force One and Air Force Two (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The Chicago industry has asked Washington to set the new price for both aircraft, and a warning has been added that bodes well. In all likelihood, in fact, deliveries will be delayed by at least twelve months. In any case, the commitment will be to carry out what "promised" in 2018. Three years ago, in fact, Boeing won the tender for the supply by December 2024 of two B-747/8 aircraft to be used for the transport of the White House tenant in the skies around the world. The contract is worth just under $ 4 billion. The main problem is the failure of one of the subcontractors, with the coronavirus pandemic causing everything else, slowing production by a lot. The confirmation of the one-year delay came from number two of the US Ministry of Defense, Darlene Costello, who is in charge of managing acquisitions, technologies and logistics of the Armed Forces (the Army in primis to be clear). Washington is considering whether it is appropriate to modify the program we are talking about, taking into account the fact that Boeing has proceeded to present a letter of intent for the two planes.

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