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China cancelled nearly 500 air links for covid

Data was disclosed by local authorities

The coronavirus pandemic has forced to date, therefore in just over a year, the cancellation of almost 500 air connections throughout China. According to what was reported by local authorities, 487 flights never started in the Asian nation due to the limitations related to the health emergency and the related concerns about a possible increase in infections. Currently, Chinese routes are open with 52 countries around the world and over the past month there have been over 2,000 inbound flights to handle each week (2,080 to be precise). In this issue we must include the 223 connections that have to do with the transport of passengers. The figures show a good recovery in the sector. In order to best face all the risks related to covid-19, CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) urged the various air carriers to ensure continuous monitoring of health measures, without forgetting the establishment of isolation areas in case of emergency on airplanes and capacity limitation for international scheduled flights. In the case of connections in the cargo sector, again on a global level, the companies of the former celestial empire were urged to enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of the aircraft as much as possible, introducing special delivery processes in the hypothesis of high-risk loads.

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