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New production line in China for B-737/800 Bcf

These aircraft are converted into cargo

Reconversion is one of the obligatory of this historic period since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Air transport is well aware of this, as confirmed by the Chinese media in the last few hours. Boeing China, in fact, has decided to rely on a new production line in Guangzhou which will specialize precisely in converting planes into cargo aircraft. This is the third line ever developed by the local division of American industry together with Gameco (Guangzhou Aircraft maintenance engineering), a partnership that intends to exploit the positive moment that e-commerce is experiencing in this country and beyond. The aim is to make the production of aircraft innovative, with a consequent increase in deliveries and efficiency. Planes are B-737/800 and the project is exclusively Chinese (it was started five years ago to be precise). The cities chosen for the production lines are three, namely the aforementioned Guangzhou, but also Shanghai and Jinan; among other things, the orders received in this period were more than 150 and the joint-venture will be renewed to achieve even more ambitious results. B-737/800 Bcf are capable of carrying up to 24 tons of cargo, while the autonomy is equal to just under 4 thousand kilometers. According to what has been ascertained by industry experts, approximately 3,000 cargo aircraft will be needed to meet the needs of such a market, one third of which will be converted.

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