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European Parliament. Question on use of anti-COVID dogs

By Stefania Zambelli

"Parliamentary questions

12 January 2021

Question for written answer E-000125/2021 to the Commission

Rule 138 Stefania Zambelli (ID) 

Subject: use of anti-COVID dogs

Dogs trained to detect COVID-19 infection in humans are increasingly being used across Europe. Some trials have been successful, as in the case of airports in Finland and France.

Dogs trained to detect COVID-19 infection sniff the sweat of humans; if there is an ongoing infection, it releases metabolic residues which end up in a person’s sweat and can therefore be sniffed out by a dog trained for that purpose. According to a 

French study, dogs can sniff out infection with a success rate of around 95%, meaning that it is more effective than some COVID-19 tests (swabs).

The use of such dogs could be vital in places of transit, such as stations and airports, and at events such as shows.

In view of this:

1 Does the Commission not think it might be helpful to take an in-depth look at the issue of ‘anti-COVID’ dogs, by promoting studies on their effectiveness and role?

2 Does it not think that their use could be an additional weapon for Member States when it comes to tracing contacts?

3 Would it not be important, in the Commission’s view, to launch pilot projects to test it out in practice, at the European level, by using these dogs at airports?

Last updated: 27 January 2021".

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