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B-737 Max aircraft ready to come back soon to Europe

Possible authorization in next week

First the United States and now Europe too. For the B-737 Max aircraft, more and more skies are opening up after the very long investigation that involved it following the two tragic accidents that occurred in 2018 and 2019 (read also the article that was published by AVIONEWS). Patrick Ky, executive director of Easa (European Aviation Safety Agency), is sure of the authorization for the take-off of the aircraft in the old continent, now one step away. Next week should be decisive in this sense, after a wait of almost two years (the suspension of connections with the 737 Max dates back to March 2019). Changes have convinced an increasing number of carriers, so much so that there have been scheduled flights both in America and in Brazil. A special certification is still needed before the big comeback, then the resumption of the connections should be effective during the next Summer. The two accidents mentioned above occurred in Indonesia and Ethiopia, causing the death of about 350 people, including passengers and crewmembers. The problems were those with the flight control software that activated at the wrong time; Easa demanded a revision in this sense, following the example of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition to the new software, 737 Max aircraft will now have to have a different wiring and pilots will have to undergo more stringent and mandatory training.

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