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AVIONEWS INTERVIEW. Italian Financial Police Operations: "Ghost Fuel"

Meeting with Lieutenant Jacopo Segato, third operational unit in Rome - VIDEO

The Italian Financial Police has once again demonstrated its commitment and professionalism. AVIONEWS interviewed Lieutenant Jacopo Segato, commander of the first flight section of the third operational unit of the Roman Financial Police.

"Ghost Fuel" operation is managed directly by the Public Prosecutor of Rome which involved over 200 soldiers in the provincial command of the Italian financial police by the anti-mafia pool. It was coordinated by the lieutenant and colonel Andrea Fegatelli.

"Everything started checking the documentation that accompanies the illegal fuel. We discovered that the fuel truck with a foreign license plate transported the petrol from Slovenia to Italy accompanied by a false international waybill. The product was transported in clandestine areas to be transferred from tankers with foreign plates to others with Italian plates. We discovered an evasion of one and a half million euros of VAT and 2 and a half million excise duties", Segato said it.

Below, the entire video-interview by AVIONEWS:

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