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Heathrow Airport: the new runway postponed for three years

"The increase in air fares is too expensive"

The project to expand Heathrow airport will be delayed for at least three years. The plan involves the construction of a third runway that would allow the airport to handle about 756,000 flights a year and 42 million more passengers. Procrastination took place due to growing concerns over the increase in airfares that would accompany the program in the first phase of construction. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has stated that it plans to inaugurate the new runway at the airport in 2029, rather than in 2026, as originally hypothesized. It would appear that Heathrow has also increased costs from an initial proposal of 650 million to 2.8 billion pounds.

Paul Smith, director of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) market group said: "The sooner this is done, the better, but passengers cannot be expected to pay for the airport".

This procrastination, however, represents a blow to the companies that have invested in the airport extension that would have given impetus to the "post-Brexit" economy. Heathrow is Europe's largest airport, with around 476,000 flights and over 80 million passengers last year.

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