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"Brexit": Johnson after the hesitation continues on his line

The vote between today and tomorrow

The watchfulness for the "Brexit" seemed to be ready (see AVIONEWS), but now the UK's exit from the EU is blocked again.

However, the situation is not clear: at first Boris Johnson gave up and asked for an extension proposal in an unsigned letter sent to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council. Then he forwarded two more in which he first specified that the procrastination would be a mistake and then that the referral request is in compliance with a legal obligation. Currently he has decided to resume the hard line and to leave on October 31st. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said: "Despite the parliamentary stunts, it seems that now we have the numbers to get the deal through".

The decision is now in the hands of Brussels, which will probably await this week's developments in Westminster before proceeding. According to the "Sunday Times", in the event of failure to ratify, the EU could opt for a postponement until February 2020.

The Government has asked to submit the agreement to a new vote today, but it could probably come on Tuesday called by someone "Titanic Tuesday".

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