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Syria: 785 fighters affiliated to ISIS fled

"Protection is very weak now"

785 fighters affiliated with ISIS have fled from Ain Issa camp near Raqqa. Even more than 100 women affiliated with the Islamic State and their children escaped from a camp where they were detained in northern Syria after the bombing by Turkish forces (see AVIONEWS). There are also more than 130,000 people displaced from rural areas around the north-eastern Syrian cities of Tel Abyad and Ras al Ain. According to today's "Dailymail" news, it would be a statement by the Kurdish administration.

The Syrian-led Kurdish democratic forces (SDF) hold parts of the territory that was once part of the "caliphate" of the Islamic state and control thousands of ISIS jihadists in the prisons and tens of thousands of members of their families. SDF official Marvan Qamishlo said that there are currently not enough guards in the camp north of Raqqa about 20 miles south of the Turkish border. "Protection is very weak now," he added, reiterating that there are now only 60-70 members of the security staff in the area compared to a number considered sufficient for 700 individuals.

Turkey has received threats of possible sanctions from the United States unless it renounces the incursion and Trump announced on Saturday night that it will send 50 million dollars in emergency financial aid to Syria: "The money will be forwarded to help groups committed to respecting human rights and other organizations committed to protecting persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, "the US secretary said.

Several countries, including Italy, have declared their intention to block arms exports to Turkey (see AVIONEWS).

Today the defense secretary Mark Esper stated in an interview with "CBS": "In the last 24 hours we have learned that (the Turks, NdR), they probably intend to extend their attack to the west and further south than expected".

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