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The Russian industry works on sixth generation aircraft

Combat airplane for both human and remote piloting

The general manager of the State research institute for aeronautical systems (GosNiias) Sergey Khokhlov gave the news to the national press in these hours: the Russian industry is working on the project of a sixth generation fighter plane, which in the intentions in its basic version will be piloted both human and remotely. It will also incorporate updates of those features and technologies of current fifth-generation Russian aircraft, such as increased speed and maneuverability, and even more difficult traceability, Khokhlov added it.

The connection with the Su-57 (or PAK-FA) is soon made, as this is an aircraft of the latest generation (fifth) of internal production, which after being tested in Syria should enter into service by the end of this year at the Russian aerospace forces under the terms of a contract -the largest in the history of Russian aviation- with the Ministry of Defense, which provides for the delivery of 76 units to the detachments of the three armed forces by 2028. Also known as the T-50, the Su-57 is a multirole fighter with stealth features. A curiosity: each airplane according to the agreement finalized this year has cost to the Russian Defense 170 billion rubles, about 35 million US dollars, which multiplied by 76 gives the dimension of the contract.

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