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Italian ENAC: the decree of appointment as General Director registered by the Court of Auditors

For the third time in a row Alessio Quaranta confirmed for another 5 years

Alessio Quaranta, director general of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) for 10 years has been confirmed for the next five ones. After the appointment by the Council of Ministers with decree of the President of the Council of Ministers on June 26, 2019, his appointment decree was registered by the Court of Auditors on July 23, 2019. Next publication in the Official Journal will complete it. His reaffirmation testifies to the general appreciation of his professionalism and his abilities.

Alessio Quaranta now also holds various positions and prestigious international roles:

in the ICAO area (International Civil Aviation Organization) - Accountable Executive for the State Safety Program;

in ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) - Vice President, member of the Coordination Committee and Focal Point for security and facilitation policies (Security and Facilitation);

chairman of the board of directors JAA-TO (Joint Aviation Authorities - Training Organization);

president and director of the Easti Foundation - European Aviation Security Training Institute;

member of the Eurocontrol bureau and alternate member of the minister of infrastructure and transport at the standing commission of the Agency;

member of the EASA board of directors (European Aviation Safety Agency);

president of the EATEO - European Association of Aviation Training and Educational Organization (European association that brings together aeronautical education and training organizations) since November 2017.

Together with the recently appointed as ENAC President Nicola Zaccheo, Alessio Quaranta will have the difficult task to follow the evolution of air transport in Italy for the coming years.

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