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Attack to oil tankers: the images that accuse Iran

United States broadcasts a document shot from an airplane -VIDEO

Two oil tankers, one flying Norwegian and the other Japanese, were attacked yesterday in the Gulf of Oman, one of the busiest trade routes in the world. The tankers would have been hit by torpedoes and caught fire. The crewmen were rescued by the fifth fleet of the US navy, stationed off the coast of Iran, and by an Iranian ship. For the attack, strongly condemned by UN, United States and its allies in the Gulf are actually accusing Iran. Sabotage would be a retaliation for economic sanctions imposed to the Islamic Republic. Tehran denies the allegations, arguing that one of his ships rescued the sailors, while Russia, an interested spectator of the issue, urged not to rush to conclusions before the investigation. Today, US Navy has released a video shot by a US plane that would prove Iran's fault. The images show a believed Iranian patrol boat approaching one of the two ships hit, the "Kokuka Corageous", to remove an unexploded mine from the hull of the boat.

Happenings described by the secretary of state Mike Pompeo were however denied by the crew of the "Kokuka Courageous", who said having seen flying objects, perhaps bullets, just before the explosion. President of the Japanese company that manages the boat, Yutaka Katada, reported it, quoted by "Associated Press". The attack would therefore have come from the sky, and not from mines or torpedoes. Katada said crew members also saw an Iranian navy ship nearby, but did not specify whether this was before or after the attacks. Meanwhile, in parallel with tensions between United States and Iran, prices of oil have skyrocketed recording a 4% increase in few hours.

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