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Lion Air plane crash: find the missing Cockpit Voice Recorder

Black box located after long searches

During the new research started last Tuesday to identify the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) of the Boeing B-737 MAX 8 plane of Lion Air, crashed off the coast of Jakarta on October 29th, the divers of the Indonesian navy they located -starting the "Jakarta Post" - and retrieved the missing black box. The CVR -produced by the US company L3 Technologies- should have sound for 90 days, but according to the agents of the National Transportation Safety Committee, the batteries actually lasted for only 73 days. The apparatus was the missing piece in the complex puzzle of reconstruction of what happened on board the aircraft, especially will serve the investigators to check if and how the pilots were trained to cope with the possible intervention of the anti-aircraft system of the new generation aircraft, considered the main cause of the accident cost the lives of 189 people.

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