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Italian Enav: Roberto Scaramella resigns

Soon the name of the next president

Roberto Scaramella, appointed president of ENAV (the Italian Flight Assistance company) in April last year, leaves the Presidency in advance of the institution and has called for the next November 8 the board of the institution to formalize the decision and for the appointment of the new president. For some days there were more and more insistent voices of a strong nervousness at the top of the ENAV, and of Scaramella's desire to leave the institution. There is no shortage of those who attributed this decision to the strong will of politics. The most accredited hypothesis for the succession to Scaramella is to appoint the current board member Nicola Maione, a Cassation lawyer, at least until the next shareholders' meeting. Regarding the CEO Roberta Neri who also wanted to hold the role of General Manager to what turns out to AVIONEWS is to be recorded that -according to credited and insistent voices- the Board of Directors a few weeks ago has rejected this ambition. Certainly the issue of appointments in public bodies is opening important flaws in the majority of government if we also consider the sudden replacement took place today of the president of ASI (Italian Space Agency) Roberto Battiston.

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