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Photo. 100,000 flight hours for the H-225M helicopter

The model used for military missions worldwide

The H-225M, with 88 aircraft currently in service in six countries across the globe, has surpassed the 100,000 flight hour milestone, following its first delivery to the French Air Force in 2006. The aircraft was rapidly deployed by the French Air Force in Lebanon in 2006 where the H-225M, also known as the "Caracal", successfully evacuated around 300 people. Since then the 11-metric-tonne model has proven its reliability and durability in combat conditions and crisis areas such as Afghanistan, Chad, the Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic, and Mali, while also supporting NATO-led operations in Libya.

Operating both from ships and from land, even in icing conditions, this helicopter has an all-weather capability supported by night vision goggle compatibility. Its 1,296 km range can be extended with air-to-air refuelling capabilities, allowing for flight times of up to 10 hours, as demonstrated recently by the French Air Force in operational conditions.

A member of the Super Puma family, the helicopter is relied upon as a force multiplier by France, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The Royal Thai Air Force has recently renewed its trust in the aircraft with a follow-on order of four units for combat search and rescue and troop transport missions. Other recent customers for the model include Kuwait that signed a contract in 2016 for 30 aircraft and Singapore. The H-225M continues to attract interest from governments worldwide as a powerful multi-role aircraft capable of meeting their operational needs.

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