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Dutch Safety Commission investigates Transavia aircraft accidents

Dutch Safety Board carries out a strict take-off performance monitoring systems check

The Dutch Safety Board has completed an in-depth investigation into two serious aircraft accidents which involved two Transavia airline B-737/800s in a short time. According to the check made, on the planes left on September 18th 2014 and on December 3rd 2015, departed from Groningen in the Netherlands and from Lisbon in Portugal respectively, the safety margins required for take-off performance have not been achieved. There are many points in common between the technical occurrences found by the crews during the take-off performance: some repeated mistakes in the Electronic Flight Bag data entry phase and the total lack of cross-checks about possible crew’s mistakes. Sure that the development of specific requirements about take-off performance monitoring systems should be started without further delays, the Dutch Safety Board is convinced that these technical improvements can prevent serious accidents such as runway overrun, runway excursion and other possible problems during the take-off phase.

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