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Passengers board in the time of a click

Biometric experimentation at the Orlando, Florida airport

Passengers flying with British Airways from Orlando International Airport to London-Gatwick are enjoying a secure and seamless departure with new biometric boarding at the gate. A quick photo is all that is needed to board the international flight –no passport, no boarding card– thanks to technology. SITA integrated automated boarding gates with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and airline’s IT systems to allow the necessary checks and authorize boarding.

This is a joint initiative by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), British Airways and CBP to incorporate the US biometric departure (exit) check for passengers as smoothly as possible. A quick photograph taken at the gate is used to confirm passengers’ identities and authorization to travel.

The option to board at Orlando by simply looking into a camera is available now to British Airways passengers on flight BA 2036 to London-Gatwick. The trial will run for up to 90 days. Participation is optional and passengers can choose to provide their passport and other documents to an agent to board the flight. During the early days of the trial, the response from passengers has been very positive with nearly 100% of passengers opting to simply look in the camera and board the plane.

The use of biometrics is growing globally and SITA usies biometrics to deliver secure seamless journeys for airline passengers. Sita Smart Path, which is in use in Brisbane Airport, Australia, provides a walkthrough experience from check-in to the aircraft door helping passengers fast-track through the airport.

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