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Muilenburg (CEO Boeing) will speak today at a Government Congress

He will answer questions about the B-737 Max planes - LIVE from 10 am GMT-4

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and John Hamilton, Vice President and Chief Engineer of the same industry, will speak today and tomorrow at Capitol Hill, base of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court, before the Committee on Trade, Science and the transportation of the US Senate on the safety of the B-737 Max aircraft. The meeting takes place on the anniversary of the incident in Indonesia (see AVIONEWS) during which an aircraft of the same model crashed of the Lion Air, causing the death of 189 people (see AVIONEWS). Muilenburg said he felt close to the victims and guaranteed that when the B-737 Max returns operational, "it will be one of the safest airplane it's ever flown". During the meeting he will answer questions on the design, certification and marketing of the B-737 Max. It is his first public appearance on Capitol Hill after fatal accidents.

Boeing has already announced progress in view of the next return of the aircraft (see AVIONEWS).

Below, the channel where it is possible to watch the live broadcast by Dennis Muilenburg in streaming from  10 am GMT-4:

RC3 - 1225405

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