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Israel: Iran is carrying out illegal nuclear tests

Tehran: only excuses to start a war

According to a September 9 statement made by Israel to the Jerusalem Foreign Ministry, Iran would have developed nuclear weapons in a secret location near the city of Abadeh, but Tehran would have destroyed the structure after learning that it had been discovered. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran would have conducted unacceptable experiments and then showed aerial photos of several small buildings also indicating the coordinates.

Tehran has denied having started research on nuclear power, but has not yet explained the rationale for finding traces of uranium at that site.

As Israeli elections approach, Netanyahu promised to annex the West Bank again and announced: "I ask the international community to wake up, to realize that Iran is systematically lying. The only way to stop Iran's march towards the bomb and its aggressiveness in the region, is the pressure".

The Islamic Republic has rejected the Israeli leader's claims that it is looking for a pretext for the war. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also wrote a reply post on "Twitter": "The real owner of nuclear weapons shouts wolf".

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