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Bristol Airport: cyber attack against IT

Alarm bell on the criticality of the infrastructures

Bristol Airport was the target on Sunday of a cyber attack that caused flight display screens to fail for almost two days, as these were placed offline in order to prevent possible more damages. The IT system was attacked by a ransomware, which is a malware that automatically threatens to delete files if a "ransom" is not paid that will make it all work again. An "economic" and speculative attack because this caused financial losses to the airport, where they managed to contain and eliminate the malware without paying anything to the hackers. As a precautionary measure, all the computer systems that have not been hit have been deactivated, but as confirmed by a spokesman for the airport "at no time did those relating to safety have been hit or put at risk". No flights have been cancelled and only a few have been delayed; but what happened at the Bristol airport must keep guard over possible and potential cyber attacks against the key infrastructures of Western countries, which should substantially increase the funds allocated to "cyber security".

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