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Ryanair: from 1 November the hand luggage will always pays (2)

Italian National consumer union: "from bad to worse..."

"Ready to be exposed to the Antitrust Authority if the gabelle is indicated in an unclear way"

We receive from the Italian National consumer association UNC, about the new baggage policy that will soon be implemented by the low-cost Dublin, and publish, reserving the same opportunity for any replies:

"Ryanair will change its baggage policy again: from 1 November it will not be possible to travel free with a small trolley, not even embarking it in the hold as it is today, but you will still have to pay.

"From bad to worse. We will monitor why this new and umpteenth time another gabelle is highlighted clearly and transparently on the site, otherwise we will proceed with another complaint to the Antitrust, denouncing the company for the deceptiveness of the commercial practice" said Massimiliano Dona, president of the UNC.

The Italian association of consumers in fact has reported to the Antitrust a few days ago the Irish airline that from June 13 has restricted from 4 to 2 days the terms to be able to check in online free, without a penalty of 55 euros. The surcharge according to the UNC is not indicated in a clear and transparent manner. The cost of the penalty is not specified in the Terms and Conditions or in the "Ryanair Rules on specific topics", nor in the "Frequently Asked Questions", but is written under the heading "Check-In Fee" found in the "Optional Supplements Table".

But for the association it is clear that this is not an optional supplement, since it is not a sum paid to benefit from an improvement service compared to the basic one or, in any case, an expense that the consumer can freely decide whether to buy or not , as happens for extra services. Hence the report to the Antitrust Authority to ascertain if the commercial practice of Ryanair is incorrect and presents any profiles of deception in accordance with articles 20 and following of the Consumer Code".

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