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Planes. Flying taxis in 2023: the new eVtol models

UberAir project presented at the "Elevate Summit 2018" in Los Angeles

Californian company Uber's UberAir project was presented at the "Elevate Summit" in Los Angeles. The preparatory work for the four models presented at the convention will be launched experimentally in 2020 and by 2023 it will be possible to travel by real flying taxis.

The new eVtol aircraft are equipped with electric motors and can fly between 1500 and 3000 meters in height. Capable of accommodating four passengers with luggage, the sky taxis can travel at a speed of 249 km/h up to a maximum of 320. Despite very short travel times and a significant reduction in the environmental impact, the cost of the service will be in the future almost identical to current Uber fares. From a financial point of view, in fact, the take off will cost around $ 5.73 for each mile-passenger while after the increase of travelers it will be possible to reach the cost of $ 0.44 m/p. So the service is going to be not too expensive and convenient for the many companies involved. The small electric takeoff and landing aircraft will have sufficient battery life (currently around 100 km per charge) and will initially be driven by pilots. Then they will become completely autonomous, thanks to a central artificial intelligence system that will make the drone taxis able to reach the many take-off stations that will be distributed in the cities. (At the moment Uber has not specified what kind of aircraft these models will be: planes, helicopters or hybrid). To make the dream of the urban transport revolution become reality it will be necessary to modify the entire structure of the cities, which is still entirely based on road mobility.

After having collected investments for 20 billion dollars in 5 years, the company has established agreements with the entities involved to start the first trial flights in the city skies. An excellent collaborator of course will be Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) who in a statement explained that it has signed with Uber "a second agreement to explore concepts and technologies related to urban air mobility, in order to guarantee an efficient and safe system for the future of air transport in populated areas ".

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