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Italian Ministers Council of today: DEF and Alitalia

Among the many arguments on agenda -VIDEO

The Council of Ministers gathered today, on Thrusday April 26 at 11:10am at Palazzo Chigi, under the presidency of Paolo Gentiloni. Secretary the undersecretary of Premiership Maria Elena Boschi.

Among the many themes discussed during the meeting the highlights are:

DEF (Economy and Finance Document 2018) approved. The document is composed of three sections and some attachments. 

Urgent provisions to ensure completion of the procedure for the sale of the business complexes headed by Alitalia SpA (legislative decree)
The Council of ministers, on the proposal of president Paolo Gentiloni and the minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, approved a decree-law introducing urgent provisions for the modification of the procedure for the sale of industrial activities belonging to the extraordinary administration of Alitalia-SAI (Società Aerea Italiana) SpA, as required by Decree Law 16 October 2017, n. 148, converted, with amendments, by law December 4, 2017, n. 172.

In particular, having regard to developments in the context of the sale procedure, which can not be defined to date by the identification of a winning entity, the decree extends until 31 October 2018 the deadline for its completion, in order to allow the maximization of the results achievable for the benefit of social creditors, employment and conservation of the company's productive assets.

Consequently, the deadline for the reimbursement of the entire state funding for payment for the benefit of the extraordinary administration is extended to December 15, 2018.

Golden Power
The president Paolo Gentiloni, informed the council of ministers of the favorable opinions expressed by the competent administrations, acknowledges that there is the consent of the Government to Piaggio Aero Industries' proposal to confer to the engineer Renato Vaghi the role of member of the board of directors of Piaggio Aero Industries SpA, with exclusive delegation in relation to the security organization, for the purposes of protecting the essential interests of defense and national security, in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Government to the same company Piaggio and MDC PA Cooperatief, Mubadala Development Company Pjsc, in exercise of its special powers with regard to the sale of the Evo business unit to Pac Investments SA.

The Council of Ministers ended at 12am.

Below, the video on the press-conference by Gentiloni-Padoan-Calenda:

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